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Mobile Computing

October 18, 2009

As we progress as a society so do our gadgets and devices, this is why reviewing Technology related items is so hard without a sponsor/review unit provider because as a reviewer you expect me to have all the latest things. One of the biggest topics to surface in the past year is mobile computing. Mobile computing was first brought on by the laptop or the notebook, then we progressed to things such as PDA’s and in the last year Netbooks, Smart Phones, and Internet Tablets/Tablet PC’s have really taken over the market. Netbooks are very portable and very small, this presents both pro’s and con’s for the user. The pro’s being the portability, the ability to run full scale operating systems, and even built in 3G data from many U.S. phone providers. The con’s being the cramped keyboard, smaller hard drives (or lack there of), smaller screens and slower chip sets. With Smart Phones and Internet Tablets (such as the Iphone or the Archos 5 Internet Tablet) you get an even more portable device but yet you loose screen size, full operating systems, and much smaller keyboards. As the Christmas Season rolls around I believe I will join the revolution of mobile computing….but there is just one problem(there are thousands of choices.) Right now I myself am leaning towards the Netbook option for a few reasons but mostly because of the full operating system and decently sized hard drives on many models. Am I making a bad decision? Have you joined the revolution? Which one of these devices do you own if any? Reviews and more on this subject coming soon. To answer the questions above Email Us at and your opinion/answer may be used in some of our productions. We will have polls soon to increase user activity on the site, so please remember to vote on them when they are active. Thanks!

See full size image The Archos 5 Internet Tablet Running a version of Android

See full size image The Apple Iphone from AT&T

See full size image The HTC Tilt 2 Running Windows Mobile 6.5 from AT&T

See full size image The Blackberry Bold 9000 from T-Mobile

See full size image The MSI Wind Netbook

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  1. November 3, 2009 11:56 am

    Hey this is truly informative, very glad to go through the post. Thank you very much.

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