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Updating as Simple as Talking

October 20, 2009

Ever been in a rush and wanted to update your Twitter, Email, Google Calender, or even send a Text Message, or record a reminder. While browsing the internet a new service was brought to my attention. Its called Dial2Do, now the service is still in beta so there are still some bugs but I am going to start using it for Twitter and then if it works progress into using it for Emails and even updating the Blog, yes the Blog, straight from my cell phone using only my voice. If this service works it will take off I’m sure, I wish them all the best in beta testing and encourage you to try it out as well. Links will be included below. I will be doing a full video review soon since you really can’t understand the full benifits just from a blog post. So guys try it out and as always thanks for checking out Prestige Broadcasting.

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