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Social Media Spotlight Series Part 1 (Twitter)

October 24, 2009

See full size imageAs Social Media becomes more and more popular and also ever changing, it is very hard to keep up with all the new sites and networks for Social Media. So here at Prestige Broadcasting we decided to help you out. We will be starting a series about Social Media sites, how you use them, and why to use them. First, we decided to include Twitter, Twitter is a site that has not been in existence very long only since 2006. Twitter is marketed as a micro-blogging site, to most of you this means nothing (but I will explain). You are reading a blog post on a full scale blog brought to you by WordPress. But Twitter is made up of a bunch of smaller blog posts. Twitter is free which is very good, and it is used by many. While using Twitter these small blog posts or Tweets are limited to 140 characters or less. Essentially, a Tweet is like a status update (if you are familiar with Facebook), or a message to all your followers to tell them what you are doing. So now lets get into followers, followers are like you friends, but anyone can follow you. Following a profile enables you to see all the Tweets sent out by the person you follow. Twitter does have a block and lock feature where you can block users from following you, and you can only allow people to follow you if you except them. But if you don’t change anything on your Twitter profile your page will be open for anyone to follow. Now to the complicated parts, Twitter uses some specialized characters to denote certain actions, a hash tag  (#) can be used to signify a topic, an @ symbol is for mentioning someone in a Tweet, for instance @thatnickjones tonight was a lot of fun! The characters RT symbolizes a “retweet” which means you use someone else’s update for yours. -Ex. RT @thatnickjones last night was a lot of fun (via @PrestigeBroadcasting). I hope that this post helps you understand Twitter better! If not feel free to Email Us: Please Include Twitter Help as the Subject!

Get You Own Free Twitter Account Follow Me!: @thatnickjones

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