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U2 on YouTube

October 27, 2009

Yes, if you did not hear, it was all over YouTube’s Page yesterday, U2 streamed a live concert from the Rose Bowl on YouTube. It was said to be one of the biggest live streams of the year and I don’t doubt it at all, since YouTube reported a few weeks ago that they experienced more than a billion visits per day! This was not the first of YouTube’s streaming videos, they have done videos such as The YouTube Orchestra Live and the meeting of all the big YouTube hits. I was able to tune in last night and it was a really good concert, if you like U2 of course. But YouTube while doing all these live streams brought something to my attention. What if YouTube offered live streaming for free, like other services such as Ustream, which you can catch me on sometimes. I wish YouTube would offer this service because I already have so many links for all my viewers to check out and what if I had one less. Now that would be great! Just a thought.

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