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WebcamMax Review

December 16, 2009

You may or may not know that Prestige Broadcasting has a live stream, here you can find me making videos, podcasts, doing homework, and lifecasting, yes I live my life out on the web. Live Streaming is really catching on in our culture today and getting more and more popular each day. Although I have not been live streaming very long I have ran into some problems such as using multiple video inputs, multiple sources, titles and text in video, and being able to show my desktop or anything else on my local system. But I have searched long and hard for the right piece of software, and they are very hard to come by, many of them cost hundreds of dollars and for a low budget broadcasting network like Prestige we just don’t have the budget to pay this much. But I think I have found the solution, it is called WebcamMax, I was looking on YouTube and found someone who used this and so I decided to try it out. I used it for only about a week and I loved it! It is amazing and is priced very reasonably as well. WebcamMax offers great features that can only found on very high profile streaming software. You can have multiple video sources and even show videos and pictures that are stored on your computer. The software, which I have running on Windows 7, works great and doesn’t slow my system down at all. It comes with preinstalled system effects, transitions, and much much more. The software is very good for all your streaming needs, we will be using it with Ustream but it also works with and many other streaming networks. You can use it in many different ways, it can record and store video files taken from any DV or Webcam connected to your computer. WebcamMax also allows you to get a “green screen” background effect by replacing the background with a picture or even just a solid color. You can add text to the videos and many other wigits such as a clock or even custom signs! WebcamMax also allows you to use a doodle effect to mark up your stream to point out objects or write on screen live! This is a great piece of software and a must have for any live streamer who is just getting into live streaming or been in it for a few years. The best part is you can try it out free! Just log on to and click download Trial Verison, you will have a period to tryout the software for free and if you deside to buy you can get it for just under $20! Check it Out!

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